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Happy New Parents of Adopted Creeps

Taylor the Sailor

Taylor is carving out his new life at the studio's of Death List Tees. Thanks again Jason!

-Jason from Arizona

Peter couldn't be happier with his 35" Lon Chaney Phantom. Lon is Peter's artistic inspiration and h

Peter couldn't be happier with his 35" Lon Chaney Phantom. Lon is Peter's artistic inspiration and had to have him for his home in the Bay area. Look for his video with the phantom on the Monster Peep  Show in the near future. Thanks Peter!

-Peter from California

Kids with Red and Lulu

Hank from Blackside Customs scared the hell out of his twin boys with his double adoption of creeps. Looks like the boys are warming up to their new siblings. Thanks Hank!

-Hank from New York

Colton with Gabby

Gabby the Ghost Girl is happily haunting her new home.

-Colton from Texas

Landon with Slick

Slick is making himself comfy and staying in trouble in his new habitat.

-Landon from Georgia

Frankie and the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is lurking the streets of Vegas under close eye of new daddy Frankie

-Frankie from Nevada

Gio with Merch

Giovanna all up in her Twisted Tug's merch. Giovanna is a Horror Expert.

-Giovanna from New York

Raymond and Rosie

Ray proudly shows off his HORRIFIC ADOPTION certificate which came with newly adopted creep ROTTEN ROSIE.

-Raymond from N.Y.C.

Johnny with Michael

Avid Michael Myers collector, Johnny from West Covina, CA., added this twisted Mike Myers to his collection.

-Johnny from California

Landon and Robert The Doll

Here's Landon from Georgia posing for a quick snapshot with SLICK (on his knee) and new adoption ROBERT THE DOLL.

-Landon from Georgia

Frankie with Dream Date Charlie

Frankie welcomes new "family" member, DREAM DATE CHARLIE. Frankie bravely adopted many little twisted creeps this summer.

-Frankie from Nevada

Alice with Alice from the Attic

ALICE MEETS ALICE. Alice the girl from Las Vegas meets Alice from the Attic. Every doll comes with its very own Horrific Adoption certificate.

-Alice from Las Vegas

Deathlist Tees Group Picture

Deathlist Tees shows off this motley crew of creeps that they've adopted this summer. Lets wish them luck!

-Deathlist Tees from Arizona

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